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‘Paton’ is a thrilling biopic about the early life of John Gibson Paton, a Scottish missionary to the New Hebrides (modern day Vanuatu) Islands of the South Pacific.

Arriving with his wife Mary—whom he had only recently wed and barely knew—on the island of Tanna, Paton was met by the fiercely independent natives, who were cannibals! In the face of constant animosity, and numerous attempts on his life, Paton began to forge relationships with the indigenous islanders.

Three months after arrive, Paton’s first son, Peter, was born. But just 19 days later, Mary died from tropical fever, quickly followed by their infant son at just 36 days of age. Despite numerous hardships, Paton was unflinching and before long found himself defending the island population against outside European influence.

He advocated strongly against slavery, and found himself in colonial courts on a number of occasions in support of his newfound Tanese friends.