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Viewers is a tense and continually twisting action thriller about the ultimate real life espionage weapon, which was first used by the CIA, remote viewing.

Ted Sloan, who set up a top secret remote viewing programme for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, is in hiding when suddenly he’s given one chance to make amends for the destructive programme that he created under the leadership of Colonel King.

The chance is tied to Will Garland. Garland is an average person who doesn’t realise that he has an incredibly rare genetic make up that is ideally suited to developing remote viewing to its furthest level ever. A level that every intelligence agency on the planet will want. But King also knows of Garland’s existence.

Now it’s a race to see who gets to Garland first. Sloan wants to save him. King wants to use him. Because Sloan set the wheels in motion for finding someone with Garland’s genetic make up years before, he feels he has no choice but to surface and get to Garland before King does.

Surfacing risks Sloan’s life and the life of Sophia, who lives with him. Sophia, tough beyond her years, is in hiding from her own violent past. Sloan owes his survival to her after she paved the way for his disappearance.

Sloan gets to Garland first and convinces him of his importance. He tells Garland that his life is at risk. Sloan has disappeared once, so he can do it again . . . Or can he? This time, not only is Sophia in tow, but Garland too. That makes the stakes much higher.

King, a double agent for an eastern power, goes on the hunt for Garland, the final piece of the ultimate surveillance jigsaw. King uses Carlson, a tough on-the-ground agent and the formidable Dan Forbes, a remote viewer with a vicious streak, to find Garland.

As the net closes in on Sloan, Garland and Sophia, the trio are forced on the run . . .

. . . But how do you run from Forbes, a trained killer who can operate remotely from anywhere in the world, without physically being there himself?

The answer: you can’t