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Winterland Pictures (WLP ) is a full-service International Film and Television production company which offers unique investment opportunities.

In recent years, the film industry has been thought of as a high-risk investment with only a small chance of providing returns. There has been a dramatic change in the investment climate. Alongside the more traditional-viewing formats with DVD, digital and online streaming, there has been a growth in the global marketplace that has shown steady flows of predictable revenue streams, which is encouraging the sophisticated investor into the marketplace.

As of recent years, the film industry is now seen as a valid and attractive investment in its own right. At least 30% of all studio-based projects are now made with third-party funding partners, and the concept of “slate funding” is acknowledged in regards to lower costs, reduced risks and raised returns for studios and investors alike. This strategy of spreading risk is similar to the model that major Hollywood studios employ.

This is the model that Winterland Pictures enlists, but WLP goes one step further to make the investment unique to the industry: Winterland Pictures is offering the opportunity for investors to not only invest in a slate of projects, but to become a part of a production company by purchasing shares of Winterland Pictures. Those shares invested in the company will facilitate in financing the production of a slate of feature films held by WLP.

Revenue returns from the entire slate of productions will see the investor recoup their investment, along with profits and premiums, while still holding shares in Winterland Pictures. Also, the investor-share holder will receive a net profit share of WLP across the board, from all revenues received in the company and in accordance with the amount of shares held.

*Investors subject to British tax law can invest through governmental tax schemes (SEIS/ EIS) available through the company.