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The Second Sight Of Father Cooper

The Second Sight Of Father Cooper


Rural Devon, 1855, inspired by true events… As winter descends upon a sleepy village, the local priest falls ill and dies a horrific death. In his place comes a wake of chaos that no one could predict—no one, except for Father Silas Cooper. Sent by the Church to take the village pulpit, this tortured and mysterious priest finds himself in a land where piety is all but lost and hedonism runs rampant. His first mass is delivered to empty pews and despite his pleas to the local people, it is only a single nun, Sister Clare, who together with the Father keeps the faith. It is at first snow that the faithlessness of the villagers causes a portal to hellonearth to open. In the wake of inexplicable single-file cloven footprints comes an equally inexplicable omen, written in blood in the snow. Yet, on account of Father Cooper’s uncanny ability to foresee horrific events in the future, the superstitious villagers are quick to assume that he is the cause of the present disturbances…. That he has brought evil to the village.

As the deathtoll rises and suspicion reaches critical levels, Father Cooper takes refuge in the convent with Sister Clare, where their gentle, innocent intimacy reveals that it is indeed possible to love both God and Man. As Father Cooper’s second sight intensifies, he looks far into the future, foreseeing what shall become of future generations, if the portal—which has been opened—is not once and for all sealed shut…

Through Father Silas Cooper’s second sight: Mark Cooper, the Father’s descendent, lives and works in the modern world. On a routine business trip he catches a glimpse of something on a rural country road which causes him to veer out of control, and crash into a signpost. Losing his sense of direction, and with the feeling that he is being followed, Mark happens onto an abandoned warehouse full of antiques and the macabre. After contacting his friends, they come to his aid to help seek out the mysterious figure which continues to haunt him. The friends are amazed at the macabre findings and the discovery of an ancient brew which has been tainted with the snow of the devil’s footprints. Having drunk thereof, a possession takes over their minds and emotions, turning friend against friend. Hope seems lost when Mark, having been endowed with the ‘family gift’, steps through a mirror and back in time to meet the Father Silas Cooper face to face…

Back in the dying village, where neighbour has turned against neighbour, the mysterious possession attempts to claims its final life. Sister Clare succumbs to the wrath of the villagers who attempt to stone her to death while trying to save the village church from being burnt down. After witnessing evil first hand, Mark is urged back by Father Cooper, not realising his transportation back to the future has brought with it the evil that lurked in the past…

Present day: Mark is in a fight for his life, with his loved one possessed by the evil spirit, when Father Cooper again shows himself in the future to unite in faith with his descendant to defeat the source of evil. Father Cooper, faith restored, calls upon the Archangel Michael to grant him strength in his battle against the monstrous evil entity. Mark escapes with his love.
 Back in 1855, Father Cooper is determined to hunt down the source of evil and possession which continues to threaten mankind.