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The Unspoken

The Unspoken

Director: Andrew Hunt
Writers: Neil Ilderton, Rob Green, Andrew Hunt
Principal Photography to start in March 2018 in Minnesota, USA
Cast to be Announced Soon


Maggie (mid 30’s) is awakened by another one of her night terrors. Her mind has blocked all memories of her horrific past, leaving no trace except for her daughter, Alex, who was born out of the experience.

Alex (16) is an independent street smart teenage girl, whose distain for her mother grows with each year. The tension between the two escalates while they are preparing to move from the city to the suburbs and start a new life with Maggie’s fiancé, Adam. Alex is vehemently opposed to the idea and threatens to move in with her biological father, but Alex doesn’t know who that is and her mother refuses to share his identity with her.

Hell bent on finding her father, Alex comes across her birth certificate which gives her one clue of her origin. She was born in a small town called Netherton, Minnesota. The next morning, Alex leaves home in search for the truth that Netherton might hold.

Netherton, population 754. This quaint little town that sits on the edge of the Superior National Forest is known as a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Its claim to fame is a natural phenomena called, “The Devil’s Eye”, a giant whirlpool that sits deep in the forest in the middle of a nearby river.

Alex arrives in Netherton and begins to search for her father. While at the nearby campgrounds she encounters Nick, a west coast free-spirit who’s in Netherton to complete his thesis, an investigative journalism piece on the disappearances of many hikers that have trekked into the Superior National Forest.

Meanwhile back in the suburbs, another night terror rips Maggie out of her slumber. Unable to sleep, Maggie discovers that Alex has left for Netherton to find her father. Both Maggie and Adam pack up their car and begin their journey to Netherton to find Alex.

A new cast of colourful characters are soon revealed inside the sleepy town of Netherton. First Alex encounters Harlin and Virginia Plum (mid 60’s), a mysterious couple that live deep inside the Superior National Forest. Second, she meets Ryman Miller (early 50’s), a local tow truck driver that views Netherton with untrusting eyes. As dusk approaches, Alex notices that Nick has not yet returned from the Superior national Forest. Her objective of finding her father is replaced with uncovering the whereabouts of Nick.

Twelve hours away, Maggie and Adam continue barrelling down the road towards Netherton. Maggie’s horrific past begins to resurface. Bits and pieces of hellish memories flicker inside her mind. In order to save her daughter from emotional ruin, Maggie must decipher these cryptic memories to unlock the truth behind her past.

Alex’s investigation takes a dark turn as she suspects a link between Nick and all the other hikers that went missing inside the Superior National Forest. Who is repsonsible? While scouring the Superior national Forest, Alex encounters Harlin and Virginia. The loving couple welcome her into their run-down cottage and the three begin to bond. It is later revealed that this couple carries their own tragedy. Thirty years ago, their only child Annabell, had wandered by the riverside and was swept away by The Devil’s Eye. Alex’s suspicion moves to Ryman as evidence builds that he might be the predator that has been stalking innocent hikers for the last two decades.

Meanwhile, Maggie returns to Netherton. Visions of her tortured past become almost unbearable, but the love for her daughter gives her the strength to go on.

As Alex’s investigation becomes clearer so does Maggie’s history. The truth behind the missing hikers, Maggie’s past and Alex’s father come to a terrifying conclusion, one that is darker than anything they could have imagined.